Zhejiang PiYi Textile Co., Ltd., originally named Haining Shunda Printing & Adornment Co., Ltd., it founded in 1995 and renamed in 2009, and it is specialized in fabric manufacturing based on “PiYi Fabric Series”. Our company owns the core technology of “PiYi Technique” as well as numerous national invention patents, utility model patents and design patents. We also have several long-term strategy partners of global brands such as Culp and Manwah. Our current annual manufacturing capacity is about 60,000,000 meters of dyeing and finishing products; and 20,000,000 meters of composite fabrics.

PiYi is located in Haining City, lying in the north of Zhejiang Province and south of Yangtze River Delta, and adjacent to Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou with about an hour’s drive, where there is profound basis in warp knitting and leather production。 Haining has the strong economic basis and it is also well known as the capital of leather, warp knitting and home fabrics。 The local government is focusing on the development of private enterprises, which helps Haining ranking highly in Top 100 counties in China。 Amid the current economic transition, the local government helps private enterprises to foster the industry innovation and core competence, it trying to provide a good environment for local enterprises with its unique advantages。



In 2014, PiYi was rated “Excellent Private Enterprise of Zhejiang Province”. Meanwhile, “Donghua University & PiYi Fabric” Academician Workstation was formally established, aiming at long-term development method and direction, as well as expanding PiYi Technique into garment materials and automotive interior field.

In 2013, our 4000-tons sewage-treatment project passed the quality acceptance by Zhejiang 811 Environmental Protection Project; the construction of the first, second and third manufacturing plants were completed respectively, thus the entire production line for full grain PiYi Fabrics was put into operation simultaneously.

In 2012, the technological upgrading of post processing in dyeing and finishing was completed and put into operation, which enabled PiYi to step into a rapid and healthy development stage.

In 2009, the company was renamed to Zhejiang PiYi Textile Co., Ltd..

In 2006, with the continuous improvement of PiYi Technique and several core patents being granted, our company ushered its first upgrading by applying PiYi Tech to sofa fabrics and forming strategic relationships with several world-class furniture brands. At the same time, the implementation of 5S management formally launched.

In 2004, as our independent R&D technique, PiYi Technique, was successfully developed and put into production.

In 1995, Shunda Printing & Adornment Co., Ltd. was established and became the first enterprise applying thermal transfer printing techniques for fabric production in Jiaxing.


Annual capacity of dyeing and finishing product


Annual capacity of composite product


Annual capacity of finished product



  • Building sewage treatment system

  • Building sewage treatment system

  • Supporting environmental protection project
  • Supporting environmental protection project
  • Contributing blind girl Dai Mingzhi


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